Customily offers different possibilities to achieve great edited images uploaded by your clients.


Two options are available for you to use:

  • Remove background with Cutout Pro
  • Face Cutout with Cutout Pro

You just need to pick the option that you want and click on it, in the screenshot you will see how the options appear once you click on "Face Cutout" or "Remove background" in our design studio.

Once you pick an option, it will take you to register with CutoutPro

Once registered, you just copy and paste your API KEY where pointed out in the screenshot below and that's it, your account is connected!

Available for all e-commerce platforms (Shopify only latest plan)

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Users that register with Cutout Pro from Customily can have 1 month or 200 credits for free.

Remove background with

This option will remove any background the images have. is great for photos since it can remove complex backgrounds such as landscapes, street scenes, and any other environment around the main subject of the picture. 
In order for this to work you will need to subscribe to a plan with remove. bg. This is a third-party application separate from Customily. For more information go to remove. bg.

To remove any background with

1. Click the image placeholder element
2. Expand the Image Behavior toolbox
3. Click Remove background with
4. If you haven't already connected your account with Customily, you will need to insert the API key provided by


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