Enable this option to have Customily automatically cartoonize your customer's photos. 

Apply VanceAI cartoonizer filter

When enabled, this option will apply a cartoonizer filter to the images your customers upload, as shown in the image below. VanceAI provides a great tool to get amazing effects.
In order for this to work you will need to subscribe to a plan with VanceAI. This is a third-party application separate from Customily. For more information go to VanceAI.

To enable the cartoonizer option:

1. Click the image placeholder element.
2. Expand the Image Behavior toolbox
3. Click Cartoonize with VanceAI
4. If you haven't already connected your VanceAI account with Customily, you will need to insert the API key provided by VanceAI.

To get the API key from VanceAI:

1. Sign in your VanceAI account
2. Go to the API & Document section
3. You'll find the API key you need to copy under the API Token title. 


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