Add a checkbox option to your option sets so customers can confirm their personalization before adding to cart.

To add a checkbox option

  1. Create a new option set or edit an existing one
  2. Click Add option 
  3. Expand the newly added Option by clicking on it 
  4. Select Checkbox as option type 
  5. Configure the options parameters

Option Label

The title of the option that will appear on your product page.
Something like "I confirm that....", is the most used label.

Help Text

A secondary text to give customers some extra information, tips or help.
It's a good place to make customers take a final look at their personalization before confirming.


The checkbox will be required to add the product to cart. This means the customer will have to check it to be able to make a purchase.
If the customer leaves the checkbox unchecked, it will let them know so they can fill it and add to cart properly.
An asterisk (*) next to the option's title indicates that the field is required.

To assign a Customily Function to a text input option

Once you have defined your option, you need to add a Customily Function to it.

Customily Functions are the way we assign actions to the options. It tells the option how to affect the preview.
However, since checkboxes are mostly used to confirm personalizations on the preview, they don't usually have a function assigned to it.

To assign a Customily Function:
  1. Expand the Customily Functions section by clicking on it.
  2. Click Add a Customily Function 
  3. Select the Customily Function you want to use 
Functions available for the checkbox options are:


This is the only function available for checkboxes. It is useful if you want some pre-defined text to be applied to a text element on the preview when customers check the box. 
4. Assign the Unique ID of the element that will work with that function 

If you are not sure what the Unique ID for the element is, learn how to know the Unique ID of an element here.

To assign Conditions to a checkbox option

Conditions create rules that will show or hide an option based on the customer's previous selections. With conditions you can, for example, show an option only if another specific option is selected.

To assign Conditions: 
  1. Expand the Conditions section by clicking it 
  2. Click Add Condition 
  3. Complete the condition's rules
    • Select action Show / Hide 
    • When select option (the option that will generate the condition)
    • is -> select a value from that option

Once you have finished configuring your checkbox, you can move on to adding more options to the option set. If you are done with all the options just hit save and go back to the main menu.


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