Link your products with Printify through Customily to fulfill your personalized orders automatically. Once an order is placed, Customily will send the personalized production file to Printify directly so they can fulfill the order.

In order for Printify to know which product they need to use to print and fulfill the order, it is important for you to connect your Shopify products with Printify products through Customily.
To link your products with Printify you will need a Printify account. Learn how to connect your Printify account with Customily here.
1. From your Customily Admin, select Store on the left toolbar.

2. Select Products to browse through your Shopify product list.

3. Choose your Shopify product from the product list by clicking on it.

You can search and filter products with the search bar.

4. If you have already defined a Template and an Option Set for your product, go to the bottom of the page and click on Fulfillment to expand it. Then click on Choose Printify Product.

5. Select the Printify Product from the list. This is the product Printify will use to print and fulfill your orders.

6. Once the product is linked, you will need to select a Printify Print Provider. Click on Choose Printify Print Provider.

7. Select the Printify Print Provider from the list. This is the provider Printify will use to fulfill your orders.

8. Once the provider is linked, you will need to link each product variant with a Printify Variant. Click on Printify Variant. 

It is important that you link all product variants with a Printify variant.
Keep in mind:
If your Shopify product doesn’t have variants, Printify will detect it as a single variant. You still need to link that one variant to a Printify Variant.
9. Select the Printify Variant from the list available for the Printify Product previously selected.

10. Once the variant is linked, if the product offers multiple printing positions (such as Back and Front), you’ll be able to define the placement of the print. Click on Choose Printify Print to choose from the available options.

11. Once you have defined a Printify Variant and Print position for each Shopify Variant, the product panel should look like this:

12. Click on Save Product.
  • If you link your products to Printify with Customily, it is important that you unpublish them from Printify’s app. Otherwise, 2 orders will be created on Printify one with the personalization through Customily and one without the personalization straight from Printify. 

  • Printify requires a minimum resolution for artwork. If you notice a problem detecting low resolution, you can easily solve it by increasing it on Customily's template.


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