Restrictions can be added to text input options, so customers can only type certain characters on them, or to prevent customers from typing certain words (like curse words). 

Restrictions available are:
  • Let customers type only numbers
  • Let customers type only numbers without spaces
  • Let customers type only letters
  • Let customers type only letters without spaces
  • Custom: add a regex expression to limit customers to whatever custom filter you want.

To add restrictions to a text input

When creating or editing an Option Set for a product follow these steps:

  1. Expand the Text Input Option
  2. Head to the Restric input option to choose a filter

To restrict certain words

The Custom option allows you to prevent customers from writing specific words. To set those words you need to:

  1. Select the Custom option
  2. Write the words you want to restrict using ( ) and separating each word with a | 
For example:
Use the custom restriction to prevent customers from adding curse words to your designs.


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