Let customers choose from different product options that don't affect the production file, by adding dynamic images exclusively on the preview. These options could be, materials, background colors, background patterns, fabrics, etc. 

To add a dynamic image on the preview

  1. Make sure you are on Step 2
  2. Click Dynamic Image on the tool panel
  3. Select the newly added dynamic image on the workspace on the left
  4. Position the dynamic image by dragging it on the workspace or changing values on the tool panel.
  5. Resize the dynamic image by using the handles on the workspace or changing values on the tool panel.
  6. Upload the different pictures you want to make available on the dynamic image. Each different picture needs to be uploaded in consecutive positions on the dynamic image. The pictures can be JPG or PNG format.

Each dynamic image element added to the template will be given a Unique Id for you to identify it.
Dynamic images on the preview are used for showing variations of the product that don't affect production files, like changing materials, background colors, etc. This is why they are exclusively added in Step 2.

To format the dynamic image

You can change the parameters of the dynamic image, and format it to match your template.
  • Dynamic image position: Determine where the dynamic image will be placed on the template.
  • Dynamic image rotation: Determine the rotation of the dynamic image.
  • Dynamic image dimensions: Determine the width and length of the dynamic image. It will set the boundaries of the pictures in the template. Each uploaded picture in the dynamic vector will scale to fit these boundaries.
The dynamic image is the area that contains all the different pictures, and it is represented by the dashed line.
When positioning and sizing the dynamic image, remember all pictures uploaded in it will be scaled to fit those boundaries.

To upload pictures into the dynamic image

  1. Select the dynamic image on the workspace on the left
  2. Click upload images to upload a picture to the first option. 
  3. Browse and select the image. You can upload PNG or JPG files. The saving image dialog will appear. Once the image is fully loaded you will see it on the workspace
  4. Use the arrows next to the option number to change to option 2 
  5. When in option 2, click upload images to choose the image that will be stored in the second option.
  6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as many times as you want. You can add unlimited images into the dynamic image
You can upload multiple pictures into consecutive options at once by selecting all the image files (shift + select) you want to upload when the dialog to choose the image file appears.


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