If you want your preview to change when a customer selects a certain variant, you need to assign a Customily Function to your products variants.
What is a variant?
Variants are Shopify or WooCommerce own product options. Learn when we recommend the use of variants instead of Customily Options here.

To assign a Customily Function to a Variant

1. Follow the steps to assign a template ID and an option set to the product as shown here

2. Scroll down to Assign Customily Functions to Product Variants and click on the variant you want to work with.

3. Expand the Customily Function menu by clicking on it

4. Select Add Customily Function

5. Select a Function Type

Functions are the actions that the variant will trigger on the preview. Learn what functions are available here.

6. Enter the Personalizable Element ID to connect the function with a specific element from the preview. This is the Unique ID of the element that was created on your template (for example text elements, dynamic images, image placeholders, etc.) 

7. Give each variant value a behavior. Depending on what function you chose, the behavior value you have to give it ( a position, a product ID, etc.)
Customily Function
Behaviour values
The pre-set text you want to use
Text Color
Color position
Font Style
Font position
Dynamic Image
Image position
Dynamic Vector
Vector position
Change Product
Template ID
8. Scroll down and hit Save
If you want to make changes to the Values of the Variant you need to do that through your Shopify or WooCommerce admin as you would on a regular product that doesn't have Customily.


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