Add multiple color options to a dynamic vector so customers can choose from a range of colors on your design.
If you want customers to choose any vector color you can configure it by using the color picker option. There is no need to set multiple color options.

To add multiple color options to a dynamic vector

  1. Click the dynamic vector element
  2. Go to the vector type on the vector mode toolbox and change the vector type to single color 
  3. Go to the fill color on the tool panel and make sure the color option is on 1.   
  4. Select the color by choosing it from the color chart.
  5. Click save to save the color selection.
  6. Use the arrows next to the option number to change to option 2.
  7. When on option 2, choose the second fill color option by selecting it from the color panel.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 as many times as you want. You can add unlimited color options to a vector. 
To see all the color options a dynamic vector has saved, just click the arrows next to the option number to browse through all options. If you want to jump to a specific color option you can also type the option number.

When should I use multi color options on vectors?

Adding multiple colors to dynamic vector elements is a great way to provide customers with not only a set of vectors to choose from (for example different drawings) but also, to be able to choose from a selection of colors.

Colors applied to a dynamic vector will be applied to all the EPS options uploaded in it. So customers will be able to choose their preferred combination of vector and color!

By changing the vector option and the color option, you can browse through all the possible combinations.


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