Clipart protection is a new system we've included to reinforce your artworks protection, where an image segmentation process is applied to libraries to prevent artwork from being downloaded and stolen.

How does clipart protection work?

By applying an image segmentation process, clipart and images on the preview are loaded in random segments. So if someone wants to download the artwork using the network tab, they won't find the image there. Instead, they will find multiple segments of it. 

Clipart protection can only be added to libraries.

Here's and example of a product using a lion clipart

If you check the network to see the files that are loaded on the preview, you will find these two files

Keep in mind
This feature will only work with libraries that are created after activating the feature. It will not be applied to previously created libraries nor to images uploaded directly into the template.

To use clipart protection

1. Open your Account Settings
2. Go to the security section and enable clipart protection 
3. Click save


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