When you want to change the static elements from your preview, or simply change the picture you are using as a background, you can replace the background image. 

By clicking on replace background image, we can change the background of the preview without interfering with the personalizable elements already placed in the template.

To replace the background image

  1. Click Replace background button 
  2. Read carefully the warning. We recommend changing the background image with one of similar size. If the file of the newly uploaded image is much smaller than the existing one, some personalizable elements can be left outside of the canvas. 
  3. Browse and choose the new image you'd like to use as background
Difference between replace background and reset preview:
When you replace the background image, all modifications you made to the personalizable elements will be remembered.
However, if you click to reset the preview, all modifications will be reset. It will be as if you were starting step 2 from the beginning.


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