Modify your text by adjusting the font size. There are two sizes you can adjust:
  • Maximum font size: This is the standard size of the text. If you want your text to be 24pt in size, you should set this value in the maximum font size.
  • Minimum font size: This will set the minimum size the text can reach, in order to fit longer texts on the text box. It is intended to use when you want the text to reduce its size, in order to fit more characters in a determined area.
By setting the maximum and minimum font size you will set a font size range, so fonts can resize according to the length of the text written in the textbox.
Shorter texts will be bigger, and longer texts smaller, so when customers type in longer texts, the font will resize to fit the boundaries. The minimum font size will be the limit of the resizing, to ensure that small texts still look good and are printable.
If you don't want the text to resize, you should not set a font size range. This is achieved by giving the minimum and maximum size the same value.

To change the maximum font size:

  1. Click the text element
  2. Expand the Character toolbox
  3. Type a maximum font size. Font size is measured in points (pt).
If your text is not visible, probably your text box size is too small for the font size you chose!
Make your text box taller, or your font size smaller.

To change the minimum font size

  1. Click the text element
  2. Expand the Character toolbox
  3. Type a minimum font size. Font size is measured in points (pt).
The default value of the minimum font size is 15. We recommend keeping this value or smaller, to make sure all the text will fit on the text box.
However, if you don't want the text to resize at all, then the minimum font size should be equal to the max. font size.
Press the eye next to the size, to preview how that size would look like on the template.


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