Modify your dynamic vector by changing the vector type. This will let you change the vector mode from multi-color to single color.

To change the vector type:

  1. Click the dynamic vector element
  2. Choose a vector type on the tool panel, under the Vector mode toolbox.
The vector mode will be applied to all the EPS elements inside the dynamic vector, meaning all options from the dynamic vector will have the same style.

Vector types available

Click on an option to learn more

Full Color

This is the default vector type. All the vectors uploaded in the different positions will be displayed in the exact way you uploaded them, with full colors and gradings.

Single Color

Vectors will be transformed into a single color drawing, merging all shapes (no matter their colors) into a single one. It is recommended when you want to apply a color change to the vector element since you can apply multiple colors to it for customers to choose from.

You can choose which single color you want the vector to be transformed to, by clicking the color palette or using the color picker. 

Dynamic vectors can have only one vector type. This means all EPS uploaded into the dynamic vector will have the same style applied.


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