Modify your curved text by changing the fill color. 
You can apply one or multiple fill color options.

To change the curved text fill color:

  1. Click the curved text element
  2. Expand the Color toolbox
  3. Click the color box 
  4. Select a color from the color chart, or type your desired value (RGB-A value, Hex value #000000, or CMYK-A value)
  5. Click choose to save the color selection 
The color chart will change from RGB to CMYK, according to the color mode you chose for the template.
You can add transparency to the text by sliding the opacity value on the color chart. 
Or by typing the RGB-A or CMYK-A value, where the A stands for Alpha (Opacity). Values of alpha go from 0 to 1, 0 being totally transparent and 1 totally opaque.
If you want to choose a specific color from the workspace you can use the pick color button.

To add multiple colors to a text:

You can add several color options to a curved text element. To learn how to do this go to our multi-color text tutorial.


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