You can choose to have your production files exported in different color modes. Depending on how you'll be using the production file (printing, engraving, stamping, etc.) which mode will suit you best.
Available color modes are:
  • RGB: Stands for "Red, Green, Blue". These are the three basic colors used to represent colors on screens. #HEX values are a representation of RGB colors.
  • CMYK: Stands for "Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black." These are the four basic colors mostly used for printing color images.
The color mode you chose will condition what colors you will be able to apply to the different personalized elements.
For example, if you choose CMYK as color mode, you won't be able to assign #Hex values to the colors, and you'll have to use exclusively CMYK values.

To select a color mode

  • Click on the export color mode dropdown
  • Choose your preferred mode


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