The Production File can be created from an existing design file (EPS or IMAGE) or new from scratch. In order to choose between these options, select them from the Production Base File dropdown.

To create the template with an existing base file

This will allow you to upload an existing file, containing the design elements of the product that won't be personalized. This normally means: boundaries, margins, bleed and cut lines that need to be on the production file. Static elements within the design such as artwork and text, that don’t variate according to the customer's personalization.

  1. Choose upload file as a base
  2. Click on upload base EPS file to upload an existing graphic as a base, or upload base image file to upload a picture as a base. You can use images in .PNG or .JPG format.
What should I include on my base EPS file?
Learn more about base EPS files, and how you should set them up here.

To create a template with a blank canvas

This will let you create a blank canvas to work on. You can set the dimensions of the canvas in mm.
It's very useful when you have simple production files, where all you need to add is the personalized elements.

  1. Choose create new as a base 
  2. Type the page dimensions (width and height) in millimeters 
  3. Click start to begin working on your template


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