Follow these steps to connect a preview template with your store's products.
1. Open store
2. Select Link Products to browse through your store's product list

3. Choose your product from the product list by clicking on it
You can search and filter products with the search bar
4. Click on Choose Template and select a Customily Template to assign to the product. You'll see a list of your templates will be displayed.

5. Click create option set from template to automatically generate an option set.

6. Give the option set a name and click save.

If you want you can also create option sets manually and assign them to your products. Learn how to create option sets manually here.
7. Once the creation of the set is complete, it will be automatically assigned to your product.
You can assign multiple option sets to a product. This is useful if the product has lots of options and you want to keep them organized as separate option sets.
6. If your product has Variants you can assign Customily Functions to them, so when a customer chooses a variant it will affect the preview. 

7. If your product has Variants you can condition options from Customily to appear only when certain variants are selected. 
Conditions for variants will let you show or hide an option when a variant is selected. 

8. When ready, click save product at the top of the page to save changes.
You can easily access your product to check how the options and the preview look by clicking the eye icon next to the product's title.


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