This is where you can find all your product bases. Here you can:

  • Create a new product base
  • Search and browse through all the product bases created
  • Rename existing product bases
  • Edit existing product bases
  • Clone existing product bases
  • Delete existing product bases

Product bases will appear ordered by date of creation, where the newest or most recently edited product base will be at the end of the list.


Create a new Product base

To create a new product base hit the Create product base button on the top left corner of the homepage. 
This will take you to the product base studio where you will be able to create a new product base.

Search and Browse

You can search your product bases by their name.
To search just type on the search bar on the top left corner and hit the search button. 


To rename just click on the Product Base name you want to edit. This will activate the name so you can type in the new name.
To save the new name hit enter. 


To edit a product base click the Edit button.
This will take you through all the steps in the product base, so you can modify its different elements.


To clone a product base click the Clone button
This will create a cloned product base. You will identify it since "cloned" is added to the product name.
Cloned product bases are always added at the end of the list, so to find it browse to the final page of your library.
Customily tip 💡
To create a product base faster, you can clone an existing product base with similar characteristics, and then edit it to match the new one.


To delete a product base click the Delete button

Important ❗️
Deleting a product base will remove it permanently from your library. So be sure you want to delete it before doing it!


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