By default, the Customily's Shopify app is loaded after the store page has finished loading. If you want the app to load at the same time the store page is loaded to reduce the waiting time for your customers you need to insert the Customily's scripts in your Shopify theme. 
Please notice that if you insert the Customily scripts into your Shopify theme you will need to re-add them if you switch to a different theme.

Adding the script tags

1. Go to the Shopify theme you want to use and click on Actions - Edit code

2. Find the file called theme.liquid and open it.

3. Within this file, locate the HTML tag </body>. It's always at the end of the file.

image (4).png


Disabling dynamic scripts

Now you need to disable the dynamic scripts loading from the app, otherwise, they will be loaded twice. 

1. Go to the advanced tab in Customily's app settings

2. Scroll down until you find the Load scripts from store's theme option

3. Enable the option and save the settings, the app will now be loaded from the script tags in your theme

Note: After the option is activated you'll have to wait a few seconds for it to work correctly.


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