Most of the options texts can be translated manually by editing the option set. This includes the option label, help text, and buttons texts.

However, there are some default texts from the options that can't be edited from the option set, such as the option counter for mobile devices.

To translate the option counter

1. Open the app settings
2. Go the the tab Developer settings
3. Paste the following code on the Custom Javascript section
window.customilyShopify = {
  hooks: {
    onAppLoaded: function(){
      window.addEventListener('customily-modal-show', function(){
        $('#cl_optionsapp').on('input', function(){
      function translateOptionLabel() {
        const optionLabel = $('#cl_optionsapp .option_number');
          optionLabel.html(optionLabel.html().replace('Option', 'replace with translation for the word option').replace('of', 'replace with translation for the word of'));
4. Replace with your desired language on the pasted code where ti says replace with the translation for the word option and replace with the translation for the word of


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