There's a way for you to generate production files on the product page without having to add it to the cart and process a new order. This is great for testing the production files, and to recreate orders made by customers, in case they need some editing..

Since production files are exclusive for your store, before creating one you will need to generate and API key. This API key will be used to validate your production file generation.
Do not share your API key. If you suspect someone has your API key, you can always generate a new one.

To generate an API key

  1. Open Account settings on your left menu
  2. On the top menu open Integrations.
  3. Select Generate new API Key. If you already have an API key generated, click the button Show to see it.

To create a new production file

1. Customize the product as you want in your store
2. Once you’ve finished open inspect element (Right Click > Inspect) and open the console tab
3. Write the code below at the bottom and paste your API Key in between the quotation marks ('')
engraver.exportFileAuth('Erase this message and paste your API key').then(u => console.log(u))
4. Press enter. This will return a link. Click the link to get the production file.
Keep in mind
Production files take a while to get generated. So if you are prompt with the screen almost there just wait a couple of minutes and refresh the page to try the download again.


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