This function executes the change of a dynamic vector in the preview. This can be many things depending on the dynamic vector, like an icon, clipart, frame, etc.
The changes will always be between the different options available in the dynamic vector element.

It is used with dropdowns and swatch options.

To add a dynamic vector function

1. Go to the option you want to work with

2. Go the Customily Functions for (input name) section and click Add Customily Function

3. Select the Function Type = Vector

4. Enter the Personalizable Element ID to connect the dynamic vector function with a specific dynamic vector element from the preview. This is the Unique ID of the dynamic vector element that was created on your template.

If you want to change several dynamic vectors at the same time, you can assign multiple dynamic vector functions to the option. Just click again Add Customily Function to add another dynamic vector function, and link it to the extra dynamic vector element you want to change.
5. Go to the options values and make sure they are connected with the correct dynamic vector option of your dynamic vector element.

Vector position = dynamic vector option of the dynamic vector element on your template

By default, all vector positions will start in 1, 2, 3... and so on. So if your values are in the same order of the dynamic vector options you are good to go!


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