If your friend has shared with you a referral code, and you are a new Customily user, follow these steps to claim your rewards!
Invite codes are only valid during the trial period. After your trial is over, you won't be able to apply invite codes into your account.

How to use the referral code

1. After you have installed the Customily App on Shopify, go to Account Settings on the bottom of the left menu.
2. Under the account menu, find the Referrals Dialog
3. Paste the code your friend gave you under "Enter your friend's code and get a discount"

4. Click save. A confirmation message will appear.

5. You're all set, go enjoy your first month in Customily for free!

How will I get my reward?

After your first month of usage of Customily, you will be credited your first month's fee ($49) into your account. 

This credit will be added directly into your account through Shopify billing, and will be automatically applied on future subscription payments of Customily.

The credit can't be transferred or refunded.


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