You can upload multiple libraries using only one action using the Bulk Upload function.


    1. Currently, only image libraries are supported.
    2. Right now this feature is in Beta

Zip file requirements

    1. The folders should be zipped in a .zip file (no .rar, no .7z files). Only .zip files are supported at the moment.
    2. Library folders should be in the root of the zip file. 
    3. If you want to upload libraries with categories, the library should be in the root and inside the libraries there should be subfolders each with their images.
    4. A zip can contain both libraries with images and libraries with categories (in the form of subfolders).
    5. The images in the library will be sorted alphabetically.
    6. The maximum size is 1 GB.
    7. If the zip has another type of structure, the upload will fail.

Image Order and Thumbnails

  1. The images in the library will be ordered alphabetically.
  2. For Categories, the last image will be used for the thumbnail.
  3. To choose a specific image as a thumbnail, you will need to upload an image with the name "+++". That image will not be included in the category folder. For example, a folder with this images:


Will result in a Category with the following thumbnail:

Note that the image for the thumbnail needs to appear two times when using the "+++" naming. 


After the process

    1. The uploaded libraries will be displayed in the library view. Only the uploaded libraries will be shown
    2. If you refresh the page, you will be returned to the full library view.


When building the the zip file, the following configurations could arise:

1correct1.png 2wrong1.png3wrong2.png

A is correct. The zip file with this contents will create two libraries, one will be "pets" and have two categories ("birds" and "cats") and the other will be "foods", without any category.

B is wrong. The "food" folder has both images and a folder inside it. "vegetables" should be a folder either a folder at the same level as food or "apple, banana and strawberry" should be inside another folder like "fruits".

C is wrong because all of the folders are inside a "MyLibraries" folder. The libraries should be in the root of the zip file


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