To ensure proper shipping information is shown during checkout and order tracking works correctly, products published via Customily will be created with the following settings:

  • Products will have Printify as the vendor. If you rather have your store appear as the vendor, you can change this on your product settings on Shopify.
  • Products will be assigned an automatic SKU on Shopify. You can change this SKU whenever you want, as it won't affect the connection of the product with Printify or order tracking.
  • The location of your product will be set to Printify. You can check this by going to your Shopify product and opening the product variants to see their stock information. This is a required setting for order tracking to work properly.
    product location printify.png


    Please don't change the location of the product. If you remove Printify as the location, tracking for orders of that product won't work.

  • If you have shipping profiles with the shipping origin as Printify created on your account, Customily will assign them to your products by default. Otherwise, it will use whatever rate you have created for your default store location. If you wish to change this, you can do so on your Shopify shipping settings. 

What shipping rates can I use?

When you install the Printify app on your store, a shipping rate for products originating from Printify will be added to your shipping and delivery settings. Customily will use these shipping rates for the products.

We recommend you check what rates you have configured for products shipping from Printify, and make any adjustments you want to your rates there (add free shipping, different rates per location, express options, etc). This is the easiest way to configure your shipping for products using Customily and Printify.

To edit the default shipping rates

  1. Go to your shipping and delivery settings
  2. Open your general shipping rate
    general shipping rates.png
  3. Find the rates that have Printify as the shipping origin
    printify shipping origin.png
  4. Click Create zone to add new delivery zones, and Add rate to add different prices.


If you are trying to buy a product in your store and get the message that shipping is not available
shipping not available.png

it is because you haven't configured shipping rates for the address you are trying to use. Open the Printify rates mentioned in step 3, and make sure you have rates added for the shipping zone where you are trying to checkout.

Using Printify's flat rates

If you want to use Printify's flat rates you will need to assign each product to the rate you want to use. These are rates that vary from product to product. To have them available in your store, you will need to publish these products from the Printify App first.
To assign Printifys automatic flat rates to a product:

  1. Go to your shipping and delivery settings
  2. Open the Printify App shipping profiles
    app shipping profiles.png
  3. Select the rate you want to use
  4. Click Manage products, and select the product you want to add to this rate
    manage products printify shipping.png

Remember, these rates only appear on your store when you have published a product directly from Printify. If you don't have them but would like to use them, you can publish a dummy product and then delete it, just to get the rates.

Using Printify Shipping calculator

Printify's Shipping Calculator is not available with Customily. If you have it enabled on your Printify, make sure you disable it to avoid issues with shipping during checkout.

How can I offer express shipping?

To offer express shipping, all you need to do is create a shipping profile on your general shipping rates that contains the word "express".
Customily will recognize the word express on the order's shipping information and will create the order with express shipping on Printify.

How does tracking work?

When Printify starts shipping the order, a notification will be sent via webhook to your Shopify Order. Orders on Shopify will be marked as Fulfilled, and the tracking number will be added to it.
If you have your Shopify configured to send shipping updates to your customers, this will trigger that communication, so your customers can be aware of their shipping updates.

For tracking to work, products must have Printify set as their location. This is something Customily applies by default to all products, so please don't change it!




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