Orders are sent to Printify when the print file is complete in Customily. This normally takes around 30 minutes. They are created with the same order number from Shopify followed by an API order number, with all the customer's information, product information, and the print file necessary to fulfill the order.


To find your orders on Printify

  1. Open your Printify App
  2. Head on to the left menu and make sure you have the correct store selected
  3. Open Orders
    opening orders printify.png
  4. You will find orders created by Customily under the Printify Orders tab. They will have the same order number as on Shopify followed by an API #.

I can't find my order on Printify

If you can't find your order, there are a couple of things you can check before contacting our support team.

  • Check if the print file is ready. Remember, orders will be created only when the print file is ready, so if it's not ready yet it is normal for the order to be missing. To check if your Print file is ready, head over to your Shopify Order, and click the Customily-production-url link.
    printify production url.png
    If you see a screen saying it's not ready yet, then wait a couple of minutes and check again. Once you see your file (or if it downloads), you should be able to see your order on Printify!
  • Make sure you are checking the correct store on Printify. If you have many stores on your Printify account, make sure you are looking for the order in the correct store. You can change stores at the top of the left menu. Also, make sure you are seeing the Printify Orders tab, and not the Other Orders one.
  • Check that the product is properly connected with Printify. Open your product settings in Customily, by going to Store Products > and opening the product from the order. Under fulfillment settings, you should see that it is connected with Printify.
    fulfillment printify.png

If you've checked all this, and still don't see the order, contact our support team to get more information on why it's not coming through.

How can I change the Print File for my order?

Orders on Printify get created with On Hold status. If you haven't approved them yet to send to fulfillment, you can change the print file on the order before doing so.

  1. First, you will need to generate the new file you want to use. You can either edit the file you got or generate a new one with Customily. You can learn how to create a new Print file for your Order here.
  2. Open your Printify account, and head on to My products, to edit the product that was created for your order (remember it is an unpublished product). When you find it, click on Edit design.
    edit design printify.png
  3. This will open the Printify Design Editor. Delete the layer for the current file that is on the print file, and click on add designs to upload the new one you want to use.
    ptintify design edeitor.png
  4. Click Save product
  5. This will open the product information page, don't make any changes and click save as draftsave as draft.png
  6. This will update the product that is associated with your order. If you go to Orders, and find your order you'll see it has the new modified product in it. You can now go ahead and confirm the order with the new Print file.


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