In the Orders section, you can browse through all the orders received from products using Customily. Each order will have complete information regarding the purchase such as order number, date of purchase, and customer details. Additionally, it will contain details about the product and its personalization including chosen variants and personalization options, quantity, preview image, and print file. If the product is from a POD provider, this information will also be included.

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Order details

When selecting an order you'll be able to see the order's personalization details. These are all the personalization options the customer selected. These details are presented interactively, allowing you to modify them if necessary. For example, if a customer notifies you of an error after submitting his order, you can adjust that on the order details page and regenerate the print file to ensure the corrected version is sent to production.

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The "Orders" section is only available for users with stores on Shopify.


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