Templates are the backbone of Customily, they contain all the information for a specific product to be personalized with a specific design. Templates are automatically created when you select a Base Product and a Design from the Start menu, by combining the two of them. You can also create templates from scratch by manually inputting all the information for your personalized product (print file, design, mockup images, etc.).

Templates contain all the information about your final product and have two main components. The print file settings, where you configure everything pertaining to the way the product will be printed (print size, format, quality, etc.), and the preview settings where you configure the interactive mockup customers will see on your storefront. 

Print file settings

The print file (also referred to as the production file) has all the information that will be used to generate the file ready for printing or engraving. It will contain all the personalized elements of the design (such as texts and cliparts), and any other elements that are important for printing (such as margins or crop marks) laid out on a canvas that is your print file.
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You can learn more about Print file settings here.


Preview settings

The preview is the interactive mockup that will be visible in your store. It will contain all the personalized elements of the design placed on actual pictures of the product. Any accessory elements that were needed for printing (like crop marks) can be hidden from the preview, and you can also add extra elements (such as texture masks or effects) to make the preview as realistic as possible.
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You can learn more about Preview settings here


What is the difference between Templates, Designs, and Base Products?

When choosing a Base Product and a Design, you are combining them to create a Template. Essentially, the Design gets placed inside the Product Base on both the print file and the mockup. This results in a Template that has perfect Print file and Preview settings.

Therefore, when you're publishing a product by choosing a Base Product and a Design, you can manually edit the end result by editing the Template.


At the end of the day, Designs and Base Products are an efficient and hassle-free way of creating Templates because you don't have to manually input the print file and preview settings for your products every time. This is especially useful if you sell multiple versions of the same product with different designs (such as t-shirts for different occasions) or if you offer the same design across a wide range of products.


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A view of a complete template, with the design placed in the product's print file on the left, and in the mockup on the right.


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