Once you log in to Customily, you will see a side menu where you can browse between different parts of the App. Let's take a quick look at it so you can see where to find what.
Depending on what eCommerce platform you are using, your menu can slightly change. In general the different sections are:

Click on any section to learn a bit more about it.



In the "Start" section (represented by a rocketship), you can quickly create a new product for your store by using information from various POD suppliers or your own products, and by placing a design from Customily's design gallery or your own designs on them.


My Designs

In "My Designs", you can easily create unique designs that can be applied to your products. Using the Customily Editor, you can incorporate your own artwork, such as text, clipart, images, and more to create designs that are as simple or intricate as you desire.


My Product Bases

If you don't use products from a POD supplier, you can create your own products on "My Product Bases". Here you can input all the necessary details for creating print files and mockups for your products.



"Start", "My Designs", and "My Product Bases" are only available for Shopify and Etsy.



"Templates" are the backbone of Customily, they contain all the information for a specific product to be personalized with a specific design. When you select a product and a design from the Start menu, they are combined to create a template.

Templates contain all the information about your final product, including print file specifications and the interactive mockup that customers will see in your store.

You can edit templates that were created using the "Start" feature, or you can create templates from scratch by inputting your print file information and designs directly.



Libraries are collections of assets you can use across your designs and templates. You can create clipart, fonts, colors, and vector libraries, and easily organize them into categories simply by uploading your files in them.



In the "Store" section you can browse through your Shopify listings, and connect them with Customily. You'll also find all the settings regarding your storefront, like how personalization options and previews are displayed.



"Store" is only available for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Etsy. If you are working with Magento or BigCommerce, you will find the "Store" section on the Customily extension installed on your store. If you have a Custom Integration, instead of "Store" you will see it as "Manage Options".



Head to the "Orders" section, to view a list of all your Orders made with Customily. You can revise each order's personalization details and print files, and, if necessary, update them before sending them to print.



"Orders" is only available for Shopify.



In "Account" you can view and edit your username, password, and API key, as well as manage your billing and payment methods.



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