If you have a Melco account, you can link your Melco embroidery templates with Customily, to automatically generate Melco embroidery files with every order.
To be able to use the Melco integration, you need to have credentials to access Melco's API and designs created in https://admin.livedesignerfusion.com
Follow this 3 steps to connect any text personalization in Customily with your Melco account.

1. Connect your Melco account with Customily

1. Go to Account on the left menu
2. Open Integrations
3. Add your Melco Credentials.

2. Create font and color libraries compatible with Melco

Melco designs only work with font and color options created using library. So before creating your templates, make sure you have the proper libraries to use in them.

To create a color library:

1. Go to Libraries and create a new color library
2. On the creating color library dialog, choose the color Mode as RGB 


3. Make sure you use colors that match your Melco options

To create a font library:

1. Go to Libraries and create a new font library
2. Make sure you use fonts that match your Melco options
3. Change the font name to match the Melco font name exactly

1. Open the Customily template you wish to connect with a Melco design
2. Make sure all the text elements are using the color libraries and font libraries created on the sep above.
2. Select OFM as Export format
3. Once the Export format OFM is selected, the "Reference ID" field will be displayed. Paste the reference ID of the Melco design you want to use.

The Reference ID of the Melco design can be found by logging in to your Melco account on https://admin.livedesignerfusion.com
Search for the design in Libraries > All Designs, you'll find it's ReferenceID on the right column.

4. Link each text element on the Customily template with the corresponding element in the Melco design. Select the text element on the template, expand the Advanced tool box, and choose the Reference ID for that element on the dropdown. 
The dropdown will show all the available text elements for that Melco design. If you don't see any IDs on the dropdown, it means that the Reference ID you are using for the design is not correct. Please make sure the "Reference ID" used on item 3 is the correct one. 
5. Once you are done connecting all the elements, you can continue creating the template as usual.


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