By default, Customily comes with a small font collection. The idea is for you to add your own fonts so you can make your own designs. You can add as many fonts as you wish, and all you need to have is the .ttf or .otf font file.


  • All the fonts you upload will be exclusive to your user, and only you will have access to them
  • Make sure that you have the rights to use the fonts you upload
  • Make sure the font file you use has no strange characters on its name such as ¤ , ¶ , § , © , ®
  • You can upload fonts in TTF or OTF formats

To upload a new font

  1. Select any text element
  2. Expand the Character toolbox
  3. Click on the + button next to the Select a font list
  4. Choose any TTF or OTF font file from your drive
  5. The font will be automatically added to your font list for you to choose it

upload font.png


If you upload a font but when you use it, it doesn't show in the text, it could be that the upload was unsuccessful. 
To troubleshoot the issue convert the original font file to another file type (from TTF to OTF or the other way round), change its name, and re-upload it. You can find an online converter here. If the font still doesn't work contact our support team.


To delete a font

You will be able to delete fonts only if they are not being used in any text element. If a font is being used (even if it's on a different design or template) a dialog will let you know where it's being used so you can change them, and then try to delete the font again.

  1. Select any text element
  2. Expand the Character toolbox
  3. Click to expand the Select a fontlist
  4. Click  next to the font name
  5. Click yes on the confirmation dialog


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