WooCommerce variations are WooCommerce's standard way to add options to a product. You add variations to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size or color.

WooCommerce variations let you adjust the settings for the product for each variation, with control over Prices, Stock, Shipping and more for each variation.
Variations are usually displayed as dropdowns. If you want to change how variations appear on your product page, you need to edit your WooCommerce theme or use third-party apps to customize them.

Customily Options are Customily's way of adding personalizable options to a product. You can add options for endless aspects of your product, color, style, pattern, text, fonts, etc.
Options in Customily come in different forms, such as text fields, dropdowns, swatches, and image upload buttons.

Customily functions do not control Pricing, Stock or Shipping.

There is no limit on how many options you can add with Customily Options. However, we recommend to keep it to a reasonable amount, to avoid overwhelming your customers with infinite options.
The way Customily Options are displayed depends on the type of option if it's a text field, a swatch, a dropdown, etc.
Styles are usually picked up from your theme automatically, however, if you want to change styles you can do that through simple CSS. Learn how to change the styles of your options here.

When should I use WooCommerce Variations?

Use WooCommerce Variations if you want options to:
  • Affect the product price
  • Affect inventory
Otherwise, adding Customily Options is a better way to go, since you won't have limitations and you will be able to customize the options to look the way you want!


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