All the personalization information from an order will appear in your WooCommerce Order manager.
This information includes:

  • All the personalization fields the customer entered. For example text inputs, color choices, etc.
  • A link to the preview the customer was seeing when buying.
  • A link to the production file (if you are using Customily's Preview + Production Plan).
  • If your product lets customers upload their own picture, a link to the raw uploaded picture.

To find your personalization information within the order

1. Browse to WooCommerce Order manager.

2. Find the customer order you want to get the information from and click on it to view the details.

3. In the first section of the order details, together with the customer, billing and shipping information, you will find the production file links.

If your customer purchased more than one item, a list with the production files for each of those items will appear.

To download the production file just click on the link. The file will be downloaded on your browser's defined download folder.
4. In the second section of the order details, where you find the detailed information for each line item of the order, you'll see the rest of the personalization information. This is, the fields the customer entered, the dropdowns and swatches he chose, a link to the preview, and a link to the image uploaded by him (if your product has image upload).


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