The way Customily Options are displayed depends on the type of option if it's a text field, a swatch, a dropdown, etc.

Specific styles can be defined through the settings panel

To change Customily Options styles

  1. Open Customily Options App
  2. Click on settings
  3. Click on the styles tab
  4. There you'll find all the different styles you can edit for the different Customily Options. The styles you can edit are:
What does it change?
Enable accordions on options
This will hide each option inside an expandable accordion.
Hide options under 'Personalize' button
This will hide all the options. Options will only be visible when customers hit the “personalize button”.
Spacing between options
Determine how many space there is between options
Line between options
Add a line between each option
Change swatch shape
Choose from square, round or rounded square swatches
Change swatch size
Choose from small, medium and big swatches
Required message styles
Change the wording from the required text, and the text color


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