Log in to your Walmart Supplier Center to find the information you need to link Customily with your store. Follow the next steps to find the different information needed: Consumer ID, Private Key, Distributor ID

Consumer ID

1. Go to the settings menu and select API Credentials

2. Copy your consumer ID from the box

Private Key

You should be in possession of your Private Key since this is a configuration that is not visible or accessible through the supplier center. If you can't find it ask around to your colleagues, probably someone stored it safely for future use.

However, if you can't find your Private Key, or if you don't have one, you can generate a new one
Don't generate a new Private Key if you have one already in use! Generating a new Private Key will make the old one obsolete, and all connections you had made using that Private Key will be lost.
To generate a new private key:

1. Go to the settings menu and select API Credentials

2. Copy your Private Key from the box and store it in a safe place. Once you leave that page you won't be able to see your Private Key anymore, so make sure you store it somewhere!

Distributor ID

1. Go to the settings menu and select Distribution Facility

2. Choose the distribution center you want to work with, and copy the Distributor ID


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