Each new element you add while working in the Design Studio has an ID. This is the way we can identify elements.
Think of layers in Photoshop, where each layer has a name so you can identify it. Well, in Customily, apart from the name we also use IDs to identify layers. 

Each element gets assigned a Unique ID automatically starting at 1. This means the first element you create on your designs (doesn't matter if it's a text element, an image placeholder, or any other) will have Unique ID 1, the second element Unique ID 2, and so on.

How to know the ID of an element

To know what's the unique ID of a certain element all you need to do is take a look to the right of the Layers Panel. When you select an element on the workspace, it will be highlighted so you can easily see its name and ID.

element id.png

Can you change the ID of an element?

Yes, you can change the ID of any element. This is useful when you want elements to change together since having the same ID will tie their behavior.

For example, let's say that you have multiple text boxes that you want to change at the same time with the same text the customer types. This is easy to achieve if all the text elements have the same ID.

Another example is if you are using clipart and because of how your art is made, you have separate cliparts for the face and the arms, so you use separate dynamic images to add them. Of course you want the skin color to change coordinated between face an arms. This can be done by giving the dynamic images the same ID.

To change the ID of an element

  1. Select the element
  2. Type the ID you want to use under Element ID

change element id.png


Unless you want to use it for a specific reason, as the ones described above, it is better to avoid changing the ID of the element to avoid any kind of confusion.


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