Let customers choose from different pre-set product attributes by adding a dynamic image to your template. 

Below is an example of how a preview can look with a dynamic image applied to change the color of the product.
From left to right, the dynamic image on option 1 with a white clutch, the dynamic image on option 2 with a blush clutch, and the dynamic image on option 3 with a grey clutch.

To add a dynamic image

  1. Click Dynamic Image on the tool panel.
  2. Select the newly added dynamic image on the workspace on the left or in the layers menu. 
  3. Click upload images to upload a picture to the first option.


     4. Browse and select the image then the saving image dialog will appear. Once the image is fully loaded you will see it on the workspace.

     5. Use the arrows next to the option number to change to option 2. The arrows will appear once you move the mouse to the options area.


     6. When in option 2, click Upload an image to choose the image that will be stored in the second option.

     7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as many times as you want. You can add unlimited images to the                    dynamic image

Each dynamic image added to the template will be given a Unique Id for you to identify it.
Customily Tip 💡
To upload several images at the same time, in multiple options, you can shift + select all the images when the browse dialog appears. Images will be uploaded in the same order as they appear on the file directory, in a consecutive option.
So if you select 4 images at once, they will be uploaded on options 1, 2, 3, and 4, in order.
Note 📝
You can leave a dynamic image option empty if you want to make it blank and show the background picture instead. 

What files can I upload into a dynamic image?



Dynamic image libraries

You can also add a Dynamic Image Library to your design.

To add a dynamic image library to your design, just click on Pick Library. 


There you will find all your image libraries and will be able to select the only ones you want to work with. 


Customily tip 💡

If you can't see the image, change from option 1 to 2, sometimes the first image will be on option 2.



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