Dynamic Images are places where you can add pre-set images to your designs. It can be a single image or a collection of images for customers to choose from, that is why they are dynamic! 
They are a very versatile element, that can be used in many ways on your designs. For example:
  • if you want to add a fixed graphic to your design (like a nice quote, or a frame) you can add it as a dynamic image
  • if you want to give customers clipart options to choose from (like choosing their own pet, or their hairstyle) you can upload all those options into a dynamic image
  • if you want to add a mask to your designs (to give a texture or distressed effect to your design, or a cool shape) you can upload it into a dynamic image

A dynamic image is represented on the canvas by a dashed line, showing the image you uploaded onto it inside. If you have uploaded multiple images into it, you will only see one of them at a time.

Dynamic images can have one or multiple images in them. The file types supported by dynamic images are JPG and PNG. If you want to add vectors to your design check dynamic vectors.

To add a dynamic image

You can add dynamic images on Designs, Templates, and Product bases by clicking the Dynamic Image button.

add dynamic image.png

Each dynamic image you add will have a Name that you can edit, and a Unique Id for you to easily identify it. 

Adding image/s options into the dynamic image

After creating the element you will need to add the image/s that will go in it. You can add images in two ways:

upload images.png

By default, the first image is added in option 1, and the following images are added in the consecutive options (2, 3, etc.).  

To add image/s into the dynamic image manually

  1. Select the dynamic image
  2. Click the Upload Image button
  3. Select the image or images (using shift) you want to upload



The first image will be added in option 1. If you've selected multiple images using shift, the following images will be added in the consecutive options (2, 3, etc.). You can also add one image at a time by browsing through the options using the arrows, or if you want to add an image in a specific option, you can type that specific option number and upload the image there.


To add image/s into the dynamic image using libraries

  1. First, you have to create an image library. You can learn how to create an image library here.
  2. Select the dynamic image
  3. Click Pick Library
  4. Choose the image library you'd like to use



To see all the image options a dynamic image has, just click the arrows next to the option number to browse through all options. You can also type a specific number if you want to jump faster to a certain image option.



Images uploaded into the dynamic images will be set to fit the dynamic image area. So we always recommend uploading images with the same sizes, to avoid unwanted changes in size when switching between image options (this is a classic thing that happens when using hair clipart, because of the size difference between long and short hair). Here you can learn how to prepare your images before adding them to a dynamic image (or an image library) to make sure they are all the perfect size.


Transform the dynamic image

Directly on the canvas or by expanding the Transform toolbox, you can transform the dynamic image:

image placeholder transform.png

Keep in mind

Transforming the dynamic image will transform all the images it contains inside. So if for example, you rotate the dynamic image element, all images inside it will be rotated. If you want to transform one image option only, you should edit the image before uploading it into the dynamic image element.


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