With custom star maps, you can let customers immortalize a special place and moment in time. By choosing a location and a date, the star map will show how the sky looked on that exact occasion. You can format star maps in different ways to offer customers further personalization options:

To add a star map

You can add star maps on Designs and on Templates, by clicking the Star map button.

star map.png

Each star map you add will have a Name that you can edit, and a Unique Id for you to easily identify it. 

Transform the star map

Directly on the canvas or by expanding the Transform toolbox, you can transform the star map:

image placeholder transform.png

Change the star map behavior

Changing the behavior of the star map will affect what options are available for customers to further personalize it. You can configure different behaviors: 

star map behavior.png

Initial location and initial date

Changing the initial location and initial date will affect what the map displays when loading. Location and dates are options that customers always need to fill in, so whatever you choose here will only apply to the initial loading of the map.

  1. Select the star map
  2. Expand the Star Map Behavior toolbox
  3. Type a desired location. You can type a specific address, a city, or a country.
  4. Pick the initial date


Add constellations, grid lines, and the Milky Way

You can choose what elements to show on your star map, or give customers the ability to choose what they want by activating the different checkboxes:

  • Constellations: Will show the lines forming the constellations
  • Grid lines: will show the latitude and longitude lines on the map
  • Milky Way: will show the hazy band of light that represents the Milky Way
  • Let shoppers choose: this will create an option where customers can choose whether they want to see these elements or not. 
  1. Select the star map
  2. Expand the Star Map Behavior toolbox
  3. Check/uncheck Constellation, Grid Lines, Milky Way, and/or Let shopper choose what to show


Keep in mind

If you select the checkbox for any of these elements they will be fixed on the star map. If you'd like these elements to be optional, then you should choose "let shoppers choose" as this will add the options for customers to choose what elements they want to see when customizing the star map.

Choose Map Style

You can choose one or multiple styles for your map. By default, the dark style comes selected, but you can choose as many styles as you want. When choosing more than one style, they will be available for your customers to pick they want to use while personalizing.

  1. Select the star map
  2. Expand the Star Map Behavior toolbox
  3. Check/uncheck the styles that you want to make available



The star map styles available are pre-defined by Customily, we offer a wide range of styles including some transparent ones so you can add your own images behind the stars! You can find a list of all the styles available here.

When you choose several styles, a choose map style option will be added to your product, like this: select star style.png


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