Vector placeholders are places where customers can upload their own vectors. A vector placeholder sets the boundaries where the vector will be uploaded, and is represented on the canvas by a dashed line. You can format vector placeholders in many ways to give customers further options.

Customers can upload one vector per placeholder. The file types supported by vector placeholders are PDF, SVG, and EPS. If you want customers to upload other formats, such as PNG or other images, check image placeholders.

To add a vector placeholder

You can add vector placeholders on Designs and on Templates, by clicking the Vector Placeholder button.

vector placeholder.png

Each vector placeholder you add will have a Name that you can edit, and a Unique Id for you to easily identify it. 

Transform the vector placeholder

Directly on the canvas or by expanding the Transform toolbox, you can transform the image placeholder:

image placeholder transform.png

Change the uploaded vector behavior

Changing the behavior of the placeholder will affect what happens when a customer uploads a vector. You can configure different behaviors to apply effects and filters to the vector:

vector behavior.png

Fit / Fill

By default, customer-uploaded vectors are set to fit the placeholder. If you'd like the vector to cover the entire placeholder, then you should enable the fill checkbox. When vectors fill the placeholder, they are resized (proportionally) to occupy the entire placeholder.

  1. Select the vector placeholder
  2. Expand the Vector Behavior toolbox
  3. Check or uncheck Fill Area option 


Rotation Lock

By default, customer-uploaded vectors can be rotated freely inside the placeholder. If you want customers only to be able to rotate it in 90° increments, then you should enable the 90 Degree Rotation Lock checkbox. 

  1. Select the vector placeholder
  2. Expand the Vector Behavior toolbox
  3. Check or uncheck 90 Degree Rotation Lock option 


Test how the user-uploaded vector will look

At any moment while configuring your vector placeholder, you can test how it will look on your design, by clicking Try with a SVG, EPS, or PDF button.

This is just for you to test, whatever vector you upload there won't be saved, and won't be visible to your customers ever.

try with a vector.png


Once you upload a vector, you can also move it around and resize it as your customers would. To do that, double-click the vector placeholder on the workspace until its boundaries turn red, and only the uploaded vector is highlighted in blue. Then, you will be "acting as your customer" who will be able to move the vector around inside the placeholder. To exit this mode, click anywhere outside the placeholder.



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