When setting the preview of a template you need to first define the background image that the preview will use. 

What exactly is the background image?

It's the picture you'll work with to create your preview template. Important things to consider for the background picture are:
  • It should have a clear view of the product to be able to showcase the personalization at its best. 
  • It should not have any personalization on it. If your product picture already has some personalization, it is very important you delete it before uploading it. 
Remember to remove all personalizable elements from the background image. These elements will be added with Customily, this is why they shouldn't be on the background image. This includes all the text elements where customers can type and all the picture elements where customers can upload their own photos.

Examples of different background images

Let's see some product designs and how the base background images look like for that design:

  • Engraved Chopping Board
This is the background image we'll use for this chopping board
  • Wedding invitation
This is the base background image we'll use for this invitation


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