You can easily select and organize your elements directly from the Layer Panel. The layers-related tasks you can make use of are:
  • Organize layers
  • Lock layers
  • Hide layers
  • Rename layers

To organize layers

  1. Select the element on the Layer panel
  2. Drag it up or down until you reach the desired position
  3. Drop your element
This is the easiest and fastest method to arrange your layers. 

To lock layers

  1. Go to the layer
  2. Click on the lock icon on the left
  3. Click on the lock again to unlock the layer
Locking layers is helpful when managing many elements. This way you can guarantee that they won't move or change size. 

Hide Layers

  1. Go to the layer
  2. Click on the eye icon on the left
  3. Click on the eye icon again to display the layer
Hidden layers won't be printed or visible on the preview.

Rename layers

  1. Double click on the layer name
  2. Write the new name
  3. Press enter or click anywhere it to save the new name (press Esc to cancel the rename)
Pro Tip:
When creating and option set later on, the options will use the layer name as a label. So giving the label the name you want the option to have will save you a lot of work. Great examples for layer names are:
"Add your text"
"Choose hairstyle"


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