The Design Studio is what you use to build and edit your designs, product bases, and templates. It is full of features to help you create all your different products' personalization.
It has two main areas, the workspace where you have the canvas to work on, and the tool panel from where you can add design elements to your canvas, and format them.
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The different design elements available are:

You can learn more about each element by clicking on them.



On your left, you have the workspace. Here you'll see your canvas with all the personalized elements and graphics of your designs. 

On the top, you'll find the undo and redo buttons, and the option to resize your canvas.

On the bottom right corner, you'll be able to control your workspace zoom. You can also use your mouse or trackpad to zoom in and out.

To edit an element on the workspace, simply click it. When an element is selected a light blue line will indicate it.
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You can shift + click several elements on the workspace to edit them at the same time. Another option is to click + drag your mouse over the elements you want to select on the workspace.  


Tool panel

On your right, you have the tool panel, from where you can add different elements to your canvas, and format them. 

On the top of the tool panel, you'll see your layers. This lists all the layers on your canvas. You can select elements by clicking them on the layer panel. And same as when selecting multiple elements from the workspace, you can shift+click multiple layers from the layer panel.

Once you select an element, whether, from the workspace or the layer panel, the information for that element will be displayed on the tool panel. With a series of settings organized in toolboxes, you'll be able to format the element as you want.

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With the toolboxes, you'll be able to format elements, from their size position and rotation to more specific things like fonts available, character size and spacing for text elements, or image filters for image elements. The toolboxes you'll see will depend on each element. They are:
  • Transform: Where you can resize, reposition, and rotate.
  • Character: Where you can assign font options, character size, spacing, and more. Only available for text elements
  • Color: Where you can assign font color options. Only available for text elements
  • Image behavior: Where you can assign image filters. Only available for image placeholders
  • Vector behavior: Where you can assign vector filters and color options. Only available for vector placeholders 
  • Map and star map behavior: Where you can format the maps, assign map styles, and initial location. Only available for map and star map elements.



The design studio works best on Chrome browser on a desktop device.


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