Loading the personalization from Customily into Walmart product requires you to add the personalization link, into your product information through an Excel spreadsheet you download from Walmart's supplier center. 

To download your Walmart product Spreadsheet

  1. Go to the Add New Items section on your Walmart supplier center
  2. Click on Bulk Item Setup
  3. You will be asked to select the category where you want to upload your product, select it and click the Download Spec button. This will download an Excel spreadsheet, where you'll be able to add the personalization link generated on Customily.
1. Open the downloaded spreadsheet and make sure to enable macros by clicking the Enable Content or Enable Macros button

2. Select the sub-category where you want to upload your products

3. Complete all the required fields for your product. You can add as many products as you want here.
Every time you save your spreadsheet it will check for errors or missing fields, so make sure you have no errors before uploading the spreadsheet. 
4. Once you have all the fields completed with no errors you can add the personalization fields. To do this go to the Walmart Toolbar on the upper side and click on the Add Attribute button.

5. Click on the Add Custom Attribute button to add custom attributes for the personalization info. 
6. A dialog will appear for you to add the custom attributes. For personalized products, Walmart needs 3 custom attributes 
  • personalizable
  • personalization_type  
  • personalization_url

7. After adding all the attributes you should have something like this. Click on Finished to add the custom attributes to the spreadsheet
8. The fields you just added will appear next to your already existing fields.

9. Fill the new fields with the necessary values" 

9. Make sure you have no errors and save the spreadsheet. 

To upload your updated spreadsheet into Walmart

  1. Access Walmart supplier center
  2. Drag and drop the updated spreadsheet into the upload section
  3. Your products will now have a personalize button that will send customers to personalize the product while seeing Customily's live preview.
You can now check the status of the uploaded spreadsheet on your Feed Status in the supplier center. You will be able to check the current status and download an error report in case the spreadsheet has any errors


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