To create an option set automatically

1. Open manage options

2. Go to Option Sets 

3. Select create new option set from template

4. Paste the template ID of the template you want to use to create the options and give the options set a title. The title won't be visible for customers, is just an internal title so you can easily locate that option set.
Example Text Font
This is the text that will be used to generate the font choice swatches. If the example text is Abc, then the swatches will look like this:
6. Once you have all the information in place click Save, and the options set will be automatically created. 

7. When the options set is ready, you will see something like this.

Here you can edit the options set manually, if you want to change the titles, or add extra information to the options such as help text, required, etc. Learn how to edit the options manually here.

8. Once you are done click Save Option Set to save it.


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