If you receive a lot of orders and you want to automate the personalization details retrieval process, our API will come very handy. This example will use postman so you can then port it to any language.
First of all, you'll need to obtain an access token by calling at the following endpoint https://app.customily.com/api/token as shown below (make sure you use the POST method)
You'll receive an access token (as the one shown below). You will use this token to make authenticated requests to the https://preview.customily.com/api/item endpoint.
Call the https://preview.customily.com/api/item endpoint, remember to include the access token in the header request and the PONumber (personalizationGUID) as a query string parameter. Make sure to attach the string "Bearer" followed by the access_token as shown in the screenshot below
It will return a JSON that has the following structure:
        "id": "05D74647-AE23-44FB-84CE-347307E523A8",
        "lineNumber": null,
        "productName": null,
        "sku": null,
        "quantity": 1,
        "productId": "0de16998-e3b4-4cc2-a939-833a590f5f1e",
        "previewUrl": "http://preview.customily.com/assets/previews/76d15c12-631d-4965-8f84-061d8dd9dd27.jpeg",
        "productionUrl": "https://cdn.customily.com/ExportFile/jbloom/a65f4484-f22c-4199-a755-fea837b5153a.ai",
        "optionsJson": "[{\"name\":\"Select Necklace color\",\"value\":\"Gold Stainless\",\"type\":\"Swatch\"},{\"name\":\"Enter text  \",\"value\":\"Customily\",\"type\":\"Text Input\"}]",
        "createdDate": "2020-07-02T00:00:00.000Z"
This is the interface where the client entered his personalization details.
The API response will contain all the personalization information (ignoring the fields lineNumber, productName, sku) the client entered plus the Customily generated preview and production files 

id: Internal Customily Id unique to every line item,
lineNumber: null value,
productName: null value,
sku: null value,
quantity: The quantity ordered for the product.
product id: The Customily template id for the ordered product.
previewUrl: link to the preview picture containing the client's personalization.
productionUrl: link to the production file containing the client's personalization.
optionsJson: the options the client selected (form the product's option set). 
createdDate: the date when the product was added to the cart. 
You can download this postman example here


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