To get the personalization details for your store orders, you will need to search for the order in the Customily Options App with the personalization GUID.

If you haven't implemented the personalization GUID and you don't see it on your orders, you can learn how to capture it here.

To find an order's personalization information

  1.  Go to the Manage Options section, by clicking it on the sidebar.

  2. Select Orders to search an order

  3. Search for an order by using the personalization GUID.

  4. The personalization details will appear together with the order information.

The personalization details include:

  • Customily's Template ID
  • Preview Image: The preview the customer was seeing when he made the purchase
  • Production File: Only available when subscribed to Preview + Production Plans
  • User Options: All the personalization options selected by the customer (this includes, text inputs, dropdowns, swatches, etc.)
If the order has more than one element, all elements will appear in the details cataloged as Line Items.
If you want to retrieve the personalization details via API, you should check this article


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