Now you can create templates with multiple independent files. Using this feature a product with a multi-file template can create multiple production files.

This feature is currently available for Shopify and Etsy stores.

1) Adding New File

In the First Step of Create Template, the new Create File Button lets you add a new file to the template.

Frame 61.png


A new file will appear in the layers menu. Names can be changed with a double click.


You can add multiple files, each of them with their independent personalizable elements:

Step 1.gif


2) Adjusting the Preview


In the second step, all of the elements will be present in a single preview page. You can adjust and position the elements as you would do in any preview. Right now, there is only a single preview to hold all of the elements of the production file. 

Step 2.gif


3) Review Elements

In the final step you can review each of the print files independently.

Step 3.gif


4) Production File

After an order is placed, you will receive one Production File for each file your template has. All of them will share the same order number.



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