When working with Printful and Customily, Customily will share your order information directly with Printful via API. This means that for every order you receive of a product that has Customily, we will share with Printful the order information (customer details, products in the order, etc.) with the unique print file needed to fulfill that personalization. 

The whole product-to-order cycle is:

  1. Publish your product in Customily using a Printful product as a base.
  2. Your customer places an order in your store.
  3. You'll immediately see the order information on your Shopify dashboard, including all the personalization information provided by Customily.
  4. Once the print file is ready (this usually takes around 30') Customily will send the order to Printful via API, and you'll be able to see the order on your Printful dashboard.
  5. Confirm the order on Printful to start fulfillment.
  6. Printful will start fulfillment and send updates as it goes. When the order is shipped, this update will be pushed to your Shopify order so your customer can receive their tracking information.

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Publish your product in Customily using a Printful product as a base

By going to start, and choosing to Publish a New product, you can select Printful as your POD and then pick a product to use. You can see more details on how to publish a product from a POD here.

If you see Printful disabled, make sure you've integrated Printful's API Token in your settings. You can learn how to integrate with a POD here.

Products published via Customily will be assigned an automatic SKU, but you can change this SKU whenever you want since it won't affect the connection of the product with Printful.

They will also be created with Printful as the vendor, with inventory stocked at Printful, and will have Printful assigned as their location to use the shipping rates you have with Printful as an origin.

You can learn more about how location and shipping rates work for products with Printify and Customily here.


Products published via Customily will not appear on your Printful products dashboard. You don't have to sync your Customily products with Printful, or connect them in any way. If the product is synched with Printful, you will get double orders. One through Customily's API, and one directly through Printful, and we don't want that!

Seeing the order on Shopify

After a customer makes a purchase you'll see their order on your Shopify Order Dashboard instantly. There you will have all the customer's and product's information, including the personalization and the print file. Keep in mind print files take some time to be generated (approx 30').
Shopify order.png


If you have your Shopify configured to fulfill orders automatically, your order might appear as rejected by Printful at first. This is because we send orders to Printful once the print file is ready, and this can take around 30 minutes, so at first Printful won't find any order. But not to worry, once the print file is ready, and the order is created on Printful, the fulfillment status will update automatically to accepted.

If you have your Shopify configured to fulfill orders manually, then you should wait until the print file is ready to request fulfillment, otherwise it will be rejected at first.

Seeing the order on Printful

Orders are sent to Printful when the print file is complete in Customily. This normally takes around 30 minutes. They are created with the same order number from Shopify, with all the customer's information, product information, and the print file necessary to fulfill the order.
printful order.png

You can learn more about where to find your orders on Printful, and what happens if you can't find them here.

Confirm the order on Printful

Orders in Printful will always be created as draft orders. This means you have to manually confirm each order to send it to production. Even if you have your store configured on Printful to have orders confirmed automatically, this setting does not apply to orders received via API (which is how Customily sends orders) so you will still have to confirm them manually. 

To confirm orders, you can either:

  • confirm all of them in bulk, by clicking the "Approve Orders" button on the top right cornerapprove orders printful.png
  • or click each order and approve them one by one by clicking the "Confirm Order" button.confirm order on Printful.png

Fulfillment and tracking

Once you confirm the order, Printful will start working on it. You'll see fulfillment updates on Printful, as you would with any ordinary Printful order.

order being fulfilled printful.pngWhen the order is fulfilled and shipping begins, you will see the tracking information on Printful. This update will be automatically sent to your Shopify Order, together with the tracking information, so your customer can be aware that their order is being shipped and can track its progress.

Orders on Shopify will be marked as fulfilled, and the tracking number for the shipment will be added to them.
order fulfilled.png


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