1. Login to your Printful account, or register with them here if you don't have an account yet.
  2. If your store is already connected with Printful, skip this step and go straight to step 4. If you don't have your store connected with Printful yet, then head on to Stores on the left Menu.

    Printful Store.png
  3. Click Choose Platform to connect your store with Printful.Choose platform Printful.png


    If you just want to try things and don't want to connect to an actual store yet, you can click on Create under Manual order platform / API instead, fill it with any store name you want to give it, and continue using that dummy store.

  4. Expand Settings on the left menu, and Click API
    API settings Printful.png
  5. Click to open Printful Developers
    printful developers.png
  6. Log in with your Printful credentials, and then click on Create a token.
    create a token printful.png
  7. Give the Token an easily recognizable name (like Customily), add a contact email, and add an expiration date. We recommend using the furthest date possible, which is 2 years from the moment you set it.
    token details.png
  8. Set the access level to a single store, and choose your store from the dropdown. Make sure you are selecting the store you want to work with in Customily.
    printful token access level.png
  9. Select all scopes available, to give the token full permission to work with your store.
    printful token scopes.png
  10. Click Create new token. Wait a couple of seconds and your token will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy that value to use it in Customily
    printful token created.png


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