Orders are sent to Printful when the print file is complete in Customily. This normally takes around 30 minutes. They are created with the same order number from Shopify, with all the customer's information, product information, and the print file necessary to fulfill the order.


To find your orders on Printful

  1. Open your Printful App
  2. Head on to Orders on the left menu
  3. Make sure you are seeing orders for all stores, or for the specific store you want to check.
    Printful orders.png
  4. You will find orders created with the same order number as on Shopify.

I can't find my order on Printful

If you can't find your order, there are a couple of things you can check before contacting our support team.

  • Check if the print file is ready. Remember, orders will be created only when the print file is ready, so if it's not ready yet it is normal for the order to be missing. To check if your Print file is ready, head over to your Shopify Order, and click the Customily-production-url link.
    print file link.png
    If you see a screen saying it's not ready yet, then wait a couple of minutes and check again. Once you see your file (or if it downloads), you should be able to see your order on Printful!
  • Make sure you are checking the correct store on Printful. If you have many stores on your Printful account, make sure you are looking for the order in the correct store. To be safe, select to see orders from all stores.
  • Check that the product is properly connected with Printful. Open your product settings in Customily, by going to Store Products > and opening the product from the order. Under fulfillment settings, you should see that it is connected with Printful.
    Printful Fulfillment info.png

If you've checked all this, and still don't see the order, contact our support team to get more information on why it's not coming through.

How can I change the Print File for my order?

Orders on Printful get created as a Draft. If you haven't approved them yet to send to fulfillment, you can change the print file on the order before doing so.

  1. First, you will need to generate the new file you want to use. You can either edit the file you got or generate a new one with Customily. You can learn how to create a new Print file for your Order here.
  2. Open your Printful account, and find the order you want to modify. You'll be able to modify it only if it's still in draft mode.
  3. Click on Change Order.
    change printful order.png
  4. This will open the order details. Hover over the Print File and click Edit.
    edit print file printful.png
  5. This will open the Printful Design Maker. Delete the layer for the current file that is on the print file, and then go to uploads to upload the new one you want to use.
    printful design maker.png
  6. When you are done editing the file, click continue. You'll come back to the order information, and you'll see the new Print file there. You can now go ahead and confirm the order with the new Print file.

I'm seeing duplicated orders on my Printful

If you are getting 2 orders on Printful for each order on Shopify, this means there is an order being made through Customily's API, and an order made directly through Printful.

Customily's API order will have the correct custom Print file with the customer's personalization. On the other hand, the order created directly from Printful, will either have a blank print file, or a print file without the proper personalization.

This issue happens if you have synced your Customily products with Printful. This means for every product created on Customily, Printful will create a product on their catalog. When a customer places an order for that product, Printful will create an order directly from their catalog. This is the duplicated order without personalization you'll see.

To make sure you are not syncing products:

  1. Open Printful.
  2. Go to stores.
  3. Select your stores and make sure that Import not synced products from Shopify is not selected.
    do not synced products.png

If you see that setting is selected, it means that products published through Customily, where imported to Printful. You'll have to manually delete the products created on Printful to avoid duplicate orders on the future.


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