If you've published products and you don't have the POD added as a Production Partner, fulfillment of these products won't work. Make sure you follow the instructions below to avoid any disruptions with fulfillment.
1. In Etsy, navigate to Shop Manage”, followed by Listings. Click on the individual product listing you've created with Customily to edit it.
2. Scroll down to Production Partners and click Add a new production partner.
3. To create a new production partner, enter the following details:
  • Production partner – Use the name of your POD (ie: Printify, Printful, Gelato, etc. without spaces)
  • Location – Use the POD location
  • About production partner – "A production partner"
  • About your partnership:
    • Select – I don't have the technical ability to make it entirely by myself
    • Select – I design everything myself
    • Select – They do everything for me
4. Once done, you can click Show Preview to see how it will appear in your store.
Make sure you show the production partner's real name for the fulfillment process to be successful.
5. Save the production partner and check the box to indicate that you're using this partner.
Once added, this production partner will be available in your list of production partners for every product, and you will only need to check the box.
6. Save the changes you've made to the product by clicking “Publish”.
If you have more questions, you can check Etsy's guide on Production Partners:
Working with Production Partners on Etsy


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